Beta's Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How long will it take to ship my BYOB bike to the dealer that I choose?
A: Your new Beta will ship out roughly 3-5 weeks after it is ordered once those models are inside the build window (RR 2-Stroke - November 2022, 4-Stroke - January 2023)  You will receive an email from Beta USA stating what week your build is scheduled to start. 


Q: If I have more questions before I leave a deposit, how do I contact Beta?
A: You can send an email to sends e-mail) and leave your phone number. You will receive a response the next business day from a Beta representative. 


Q: How can I determine my “Out The Door” price?
A: You will be contacted by your Beta dealer in 1-2 business days after you have left your deposit. He or she will provide you with the total out the door price with local sales tax and set-up fees for the motorcycle.


Q: It says my deposit is refundable. How long is my deposit refundable?
A: The upgrades and accessories selected in the BYOB process is treated as your deposit for the build.  Deposits are refundable up until the build is started. Most builds will begin about 10-15 days after the deposit is taken.


Q: What happens if I do not choose a dealer of choice?
A: You must select a Beta dealer to purchase your BYOB as you will be purchasing it from that dealer of choice. Please choose a dealer close to you to help keep the business local.


Q: Will the BYOB program void my warranty?
A: No, your Beta’s warranty will be the same as a stock Beta.


Q: Do you have a walk thru to assist me with ordering my BYOB bike.
A: Yes.  Please watch this video


Q: What will my BYOB Name Plate look like?
A: Your BYOB Name Plate will look similar to the example sown below and can be either your name or nickname.