2024: Evo Factory 300 4t

2024: Evo Factory 300 4t

Price: $9,490.00
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    The engine on the Evo Factory 300 4-stroke is equipped with a lighter and even higher performing titanium silencer.  Additionally the electronic control unit boosts power to improve the stability of the ignition delivery which creates a more clean burning combustion throughout the rev range.  The rider will enjoy a whisper-quiet exhaust note, traction that only a 4 stroke can provide, and a power delivery that is almost electric. The four-valve engine with a five speed transmission is the perfect match for those who strive for the power delivery of a thumper.

    A new feature for the 2024 models involves the introduction of the “Electronic Key,” which plays a dual role, combining the safety of a kill switch with a tether attached to the rider but also acts as an anti-theft device that is coded to each full-size EVO to deter theft. This new Electronic Key is a patent product and exclusive to the Beta brand.

    Features: Five speed transmission, Michelin X-Light tires, black anodized chain adjusters, rear suspension linkage, machined foot pegs, BrakTec brake & clutch pumps, titanium muffler & carbon fiber exhaust guard, Domino grips, optimized radiator grill for better air flow, improved carburetion and ignition mapping.